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With a Heart for Crafts

Milan Jankovič

His works are admired not only in Slovakia, but also abroad. Milan Jankovič (41) has been tinkering since he was sixteen. He was so fascinated by the craft that he made Jesus and the Virgin Mary in life size. Jesus made of wire was consecrated to him in the Philippines, in the oldest church in Manila. The statue of Madonna, on the other hand, has precious stones for almost five thousand euros and it is not finished yet. Milan is convinced that no one has produced such works so far, not only in Slovakia, but also abroad. "The idea to make Jesus Christ arose fifteen years ago. When I started tinkering, I said to myself that I have to do something that is not available in the whole world..."

Tinsmithing was included in the UNESCO world list in 2019

Tinkering joins six Slovak elements that were included in the world list in previous years: fujara – a musical instrument and its music (2005), Terchov music (2013), bagpipe culture (2015), together with the Czech Republic, puppetry in Slovakia and the Czech Republic (2016), Horehron polyphonic singing (2017) and, together with Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Germany, a blueprint (2018). From a historical, economic and production point of view, tinsmithing represents a specific type of folk production in Slovakia. During its development, it took many forms and went through many changes, but it continues to represent an important part of the culture and social history of Slovakia.

Out of respect from Slavs to Christians for uniting people all over the world

Slavic Madonna, Mother of Nations

Interesting data about the work: height 180 cm, work on it lasted 18 months so far.

The heart represents the tree of life.

In the center of the crown is a Czech garnet. There are cut rubies around the edges.

Each eye has 162 Swarovski crystals.

In the left hand is a dove, in the right a rose.

Your Donation

The goal of this project is your personal / family / corporate participation with a material or financial contribution to the completion of the Madonna and the creation of space for the education of your children. Together we will do more... Four hands will do more than two, ten hands will do even more, the more we join, the more we will do for our children and their common future. That's why you have to work with your heart and not with your ego just for yourself. To show that only through cooperation we can do more good for everyone... The amount of €10,000 needs to be collected for the materials to complete the ornate and shining statue of the Slavic Madonna Mother of Nations. If successful, a true sculptural gem will be completed. The value of this sculpture is incalculable, and it's not just the work, it's the cultural values ​​that can't be sold.

Your contribution can be one-time or regular.

Bank name: Fio banka, a.s., pobočka zahraničnej banky, Dunajská 1, 811 08 Bratislava, Slovakia. BIC/SWIFT: FIOZSKBAXXX. IBAN account number:

SK27 8330 0000 0027 0284 1751

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We invite you to cooperate and exhibit tinkering works of art that have no equal in the world either in size or craftsmanship.These are majestic and at the same time delicately detailed life-size sculptures woven from wires and other tinkering handicrafts.